Mission Statement

Our mission is student success.
Elkins Pointe Middle School will realize this mission through effective instruction and programs, extensions and enrichment, timely assessment, and strategic interventions.  We will empower students to pursue knowledge, reach academic excellence, achieve meaningful personal goals, and live with integrity and compassion.

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Huff, Jerome Principal [email protected]
Wadel, Nancy Assistant Principal [email protected]
Zarzana, Sylvester Assistant Principal [email protected]
Bolton, Mary Professional Assistant [email protected]


The counselors at Elkins Pointe are available to help students be successful in school, in their relationships, and in their careers. There are many different ways of meeting the needs of students. Some of those include: individual counseling, small group counseling, career events, peer programs, classroom guidance, and consultation with teachers and parents.

Below is a list of needs with which the counselors can help:

1. Study and organization skills
2. Communicating with teachers, parents, and friends
3. Dealing with divorce and blended families
4. Dealing with anger and learning self-control
5. Loss and grief
6. Behavior management
7. Making and keeping friends
8. Career exploration
9. Solving problems and making decisions
10. Coping with change
11. Alcohol/substance abuse
12. Positive thinking
13. Peer pressure
14. Anything else that concerns the student

Smith, Shawn Counselor [email protected]
Summers, Betsy S Student Support [email protected]
Walsh, Ellen A Professional Assistant [email protected]