Elkins Pointe Clinic

As the school year progresses, the clinic staff needs your assistance as we prepare for the possibility that your student might become ill at school, need medication during school hours, have an accident, or need assistance with a medical condition or procedure.

This page is designed to give you basic information about Fulton County Schools’ procedures and policies, as well as provide you access to the forms you may need to send in with your child when they need medication or special care.

If your child has a medical condition or requires any special care, please be sure to contact the school at the beginning of the school year.  If your child develops a need for special care during the year, please be sure to contact us right away.

It is extremely important that you always keep the school updated with emergency contact information.  Please remember that it is the parent or legal guardian’s responsibility to keep the school updated with health and contact information.  We want to be able to give your child the care he/she needs while he/she is with us during school hours.  We also know that there are times you will have to rely on a friend, neighbor, or relative to help out.  Please be sure that your alternate contacts are updated in order to provide transportation and care should your child become ill or have an accident.  It is very hard on our students to be sick at school and not be able to reach someone to take them home.

Regarding Medications


When possible, we ask that medications be administered at home.  If medicine does need to be taken while at school, we will need to have a completed “Authorization to Give Medication at School” form completed and signed.  Non-prescription medicine requires the parent’s signature and prescription medication requires the parent and physician’s signature.  All medication must be sent to school in the original package and the form must match what is on the label.  The student should bring the medication and form directly to the office or clinic upon arrival.  It is important to remind your student that medication should never be shared with another student.  If your child takes a controlled substance, the parent or guardian MUST bring the medication to school.  It may be useful to print a copy of this form before going to a doctor’s appointment so that you can get the required signature while you are there.  (Examples of controlled substances are Adderol, Ritalin, etc.)
If your child needs to carry a prescription inhaler, epipen, insulin, or other approved emergency medication, please fill out the “Authorization for Students to Carry a Prescription Inhaler, Epipen, Insulin, or Other Approved Medication” form.  Please note that this form does require a physician’s signature, as well as the parent and student’s signature.

If Your Child Is or Becomes Ill

If your child has a temperature of 100.4 or above, he or she must not be sent to school.  When a student becomes ill at school, the parent/guardian must arrange for the student to be taken home.  If a child has a potential contagious illness or a more serious health problem while at school, we will notify you that your child needs to be picked up immediately.  In certain cases, a note from a doctor will be required in order for your child to return to school.

In the case of a serious illness or accident at school, your child will be transported by ambulance to an emergency medical facility.  The parent/legal guardian is responsible for all expenses.  With this in mind, it is especially important that your contact numbers are updated so we can get in touch with you.

If at any time you have any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  You can reach the clinic by calling the school at