Mission Statement

Our mission is student success.
Elkins Pointe Middle School will realize this mission through effective instruction and programs, extensions and enrichment, timely assessment, and strategic interventions.  We will empower students to pursue knowledge, reach academic excellence, achieve meaningful personal goals, and live with integrity and compassion.

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Name Email Address
Adam, Josephine [email protected]
Adams, Mark [email protected]
Atkins, Marybeth [email protected]
Bankston, Vivian Jeanette [email protected]
Bartlett, Patty [email protected]
Bartz, Christopher D [email protected]
Baugh, Charles H [email protected]
Biccum, Sabrina [email protected]
Blaine, Helen [email protected]
Bolton, Mary [email protected]
Brewster, LaVaughan [email protected]
Broach, Stan [email protected]
Christel, Elizabeth [email protected]
Cohen, Amy F [email protected]
Coleman, Joyce [email protected]
Coleman, Karena [email protected]
Collins, Jody [email protected]
Consola, Janelle [email protected]
Craven, Mary [email protected]
Davison, Peter M [email protected]
Dearborn, Cindy [email protected]
Diaz, Mark [email protected]
Eberhart, George W [email protected]
Elwart, Ellyn [email protected]
Enriquez, Andriana [email protected]
Finlen, Patrick [email protected]
Fisher, Lori D [email protected]
Foertsch, Susan [email protected]
Furman, Lisi [email protected]
Gamba, Seth [email protected]
Gause, Shaun [email protected]
Giroud, Elizabeth [email protected]
Greenberg, Terri [email protected]
Griffin, Lesia A [email protected]
Grigsby, Susan [email protected]
Gunning, AJ [email protected]
Halloran, Sueann [email protected]
Hampton, Yvette [email protected]
Hamrick, Ramona [email protected]
Harner, Tish [email protected]
Harper, Willie H [email protected]
Higgins, Jerri [email protected]
Hightower, Susan [email protected]
Holbrook, Shelly [email protected]
Huftalin, Stacey [email protected]
Irvin, Andrew G [email protected]
Johnson, Emory [email protected]
Johnson, Miyuki [email protected]
Jones, Janis V [email protected]
Jones, Karen O [email protected]
Keel, Amy [email protected]
Kinberg, Elliot [email protected]
Korbesmeyer, Roland [email protected]
Krishna, Anu [email protected]
Lee, Rachel [email protected]
Lightcap, Martha [email protected]
Lindesay, Lynnette [email protected]
Lopez, Isabel [email protected]
Manley, Linda [email protected]
Marcantel, Barbara [email protected]
Martin, Joanne [email protected]
Mauldin, Christina [email protected]
Meekhof, Lindsay [email protected]
Minski, Beth [email protected]
Molina, Daisy [email protected]
Morgan, Michelle [email protected]
Nicholls, Cynthia L [email protected]
Okiyama, Jennifer L [email protected]
Olney, Jefferson [email protected]
Pate, Cindie [email protected]
Pelton, Kelly [email protected]
Phillips, Mary Ellen [email protected]
Postell, Doug [email protected]
Powell, Laura F [email protected]
Prevost, Marjorie [email protected]
Prewett, Jennifer [email protected]
Resnick, Lindsay [email protected]
Riley, Christina A [email protected]
Robinson, David [email protected]
Rodriguez, Gil [email protected]
Roney, Will [email protected]
Rouis, Cynthia [email protected]
Rozei, Katherine [email protected]
Rust, Tracey [email protected]
Schall, Joanna Kirk [email protected]
Seward, Crystal [email protected]
Shamp, Jennifer [email protected]
Shebat, Lynn [email protected]
Shepherd, Kim [email protected]
Sherwood, Sharon [email protected]
Shiflett, Lisa [email protected]
Smith, Alice [email protected]
Smith, Shawn [email protected]
Smith, Wyche [email protected]
Sorozabal, Ainara T. [email protected]
Sperling, Latosha [email protected]
Stetson, Lindsey [email protected]
Stiffler, Stacy [email protected]
Suckow, Marcie [email protected]
Summers, Betsy S [email protected]
Swan, Alyssa [email protected]
Tatum, Daphne W [email protected]
Terry, Claude [email protected]
Thomas, Ervin [email protected]
Tropauer, Debra Kappel [email protected]
Voyles, Elizabeth [email protected]
Wadel, Nancy [email protected]
Walker, Andrea [email protected]
Walker, James W [email protected]
Wallace-Oliphant, Maureen [email protected]
Walsh, Ellen A [email protected]
Washington, Cathy P. [email protected]
Williams, Daniel [email protected]
Wilson, Andrea [email protected]
Wilson, Joe [email protected]
Wingard, Todd [email protected]
Wlodar, Keri [email protected]
Woodruff, Edith I [email protected]
Zarzana, Sylvester [email protected]
Zaugg, Susannah M [email protected]